• KSA Summary

    • Moderate

      • Complex Computer Operations
      • Supervisory
      • Marketing
      • Classified & Secured Communication Strategies
    • Advanced

      • Organization & Planning
      • Record Keeping & Data Analysis
      • Project Management
      • Leadership
    • Expert

      • Incentive Based Motivator
        1. Recognizing & Cultivating Potential
      • Complex Research & Development
      • Persuasive Communicator
      • Counseling
        1. Empathy
        2. Helping Others
        3. Problem Solving


  • Wife

    • My husband is a Retired Veteran of the United States Navy and we have been happily married for over 10 years. We love sports, travel, and frequent trips to the movies. In fact, some of our closest friends and family may even say that we are avid fans for each of our 3 favorite past times.
  • Mother

    • I am a mother of 2 daughters.

      • Tiffany (24) the youngest of which recently completed her bachelors degree at the University of Texas at Arlington – I am so PROUD! – she’s currently on her first professional level job search so if you have any good leads; give me a ring or try contacting her [here]
      • Carrie (28) my eldest is also a U.S. Veteran and she served in the OEF/OIF campaigns with the 55th signal in Kuwait. She currently work for the VA Department of OIT.
  • Family

    • I am EXTREMELY family oriented – I love my family; and all it’s branches – big or small.
    • We all know that sometimes it’s difficult to maintain balance – so far I’m doing pretty good, thank my lucky stars for Facebook; social networking helps. Now I can always make time for family.
  • Friend

    • Two words – Dedicated & Loyal… I believe that friendship is a gift and I never take that gift for granted. I strive in life to be a good, honest, and loyal friend. I’m not the type that easily looses contact with the people I meet in life. One is silver and the others gold — that’s literally my motto — I suppose that’s why most of my friendships are life long.


  • Education – My Soapbox

    • Even though I get authentic joy from participating in a stimulating conversation with friends and family – weighing out pros and cons… or… affirmations and negations… when I’m at work my primary goal is nearly ALWAYS to stimulate cohesion and cooperation…. likewise, as an educator there’s a moral obligation to present the “cold hard facts.” The goal is to indoctrination the mind into the world of CRITICAL THINKING – rather than a particular school of thought.
    • Now that I’ve said my peace… there is 1 think I never hesitate to be active about and wield my vote for and that’s progress & improvement of education. Progress is shaped by technology which is a product of the education we provide – ANY politician  or party, or group, or citizen, or company… ANY… has my support – Education is paramount – I and endorse it every opportunity I get.


  • To understand me at my core – the most intrinsic component of myself is my spirit of service.

    • Service is a key driver, a value that to me is BOTH worth having AND worth forever striving toward. It is a component to my beliefs and always a trusty motive in all I do. I live to serve – and the inverse is also true.
  • I am a Christian – Protestant

    • Nowadays that may be controversial to say… and I mention it in spite of that because I was raised in a Christian household and the values and principles of that faith is paramount in my life. However, fear not… I am comfortable; eager even; to continue working with the diverse melting pot of beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds of all scopes of society. Through decades of life experience I recognize that diversity & inclusion are needed for success — to be successful in my on spiritual journey my faith dictates that I pass no judgement.
  • I have always been a very active church member.

    • At church I get to let my spirit of service shine through.


So…. want to know more?? Like, maybe you have questions about – what my goals are, or maybe you just want to see some of my work…. go [here] and get your read on!

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