Forward – A.K.A. Onward and Upward


ImageThe thing I love about people is diversity. Talking and communicating to an extremely wide range of personalities and backgrounds; it really brings be joy to be a catalyst to team realizing that the highest potential is met when an environment of inclusion is created and valued.

It’s one of my personal truths – a part of life where hope is spread; to

 me… by me… it’s a cycle… the kind give you the “warm and fuzzies”…

I’ve built an entire career around teaching the youth of this country in the  – Great State of Texas – both the foundations of educational development and, perhaps more importantly; the value and behaviors that help us understand and appreciate the natural strengths and abilities that exist inherently within us all — and how to collaborate and cooperate to build the best future they can imagine.

I have love and learned nearly every moment of it. The coaching and counselling the leading and listening – all of the experiences have been a treasure.

And yet…. now…

It is something… more… something new and reignited….

Now all of that experience is providing new inspiration. New aspirations and ambitions within me.

As I stand at the dawn of the new year of our lord 2013; it is with the convition of faith and the blessing of purpose that I look foraward to new opportunities. New lessons to give and to recieve.

2013 I welcome you!

Check back here to see my online portfolio as I move into my next professional chapter!

And don’t forget to to follow my entire journey at this jump –


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