Educating 4 Progress


The pictures to your right says it all. This project is a great example of how I have been investing my time lately.iPad Engaged

Using technology!

Usage was my first milestone – as of late (in this project) – I have successful transformed my know-how into ways to keep students engaged and ensure that the way I communicate aligns with what motivates, excites, and inspires there little heads to keep the enormous amount of foundation knowledge and information we need them to absorb.


It seems nearly daily; at least weekly, that myself of one of my co-workers discover a new use for technology; a new app, or website that can truly revolutionize the way kids learn – And that’s the beauty – the great thing is that our collective research into the world of tech; as provided us countless means to communicated both simple and complex strategies to the students and inspire record level participation from parents and care givers.

When it comes to technology I’m happy to say that I am comfortable and excited to learn more.


I have seen with my own eyes how the slightest integration of technology can  provide such a mirroring of the needs of the audience that it’s taken our historically most ‘snooze worthy’ portions of the curriculum and made them not just fun… but exhilarating  creative, and best of all a HUGE stimuli to the best words a teacher can ever here….

“Where can I learn more?”

OOOoooo…. when you here that – it means that you’ve done something VERY right




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