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The pictures to your right says it all. This project is a great example of how I have been investing my time lately.iPad Engaged

Using technology!

Usage was my first milestone – as of late (in this project) – I have successful transformed my know-how into ways to keep students engaged and ensure that the way I communicate aligns with what motivates, excites, and inspires there little heads to keep the enormous amount of foundation knowledge and information we need them to absorb.


It seems nearly daily; at least weekly, that myself of one of my co-workers discover a new use for technology; a new app, or website that can truly revolutionize the way kids learn – And that’s the beauty – the great thing is that our collective research into the world of tech; as provided us countless means to communicated both simple and complex strategies to the students and inspire record level participation from parents and care givers.

When it comes to technology I’m happy to say that I am comfortable and excited to learn more.


I have seen with my own eyes how the slightest integration of technology can  provide such a mirroring of the needs of the audience that it’s taken our historically most ‘snooze worthy’ portions of the curriculum and made them not just fun… but exhilarating  creative, and best of all a HUGE stimuli to the best words a teacher can ever here….

“Where can I learn more?”

OOOoooo…. when you here that – it means that you’ve done something VERY right




The Team & I… 2012 – 2013 School Year

My 5th Grade Team - Webb Elementary 5th Grade 2012-2013

Webb Elementary 4th Grade 2012-2013

With 2012 quickly coming to a close I thought it may be fun to reflect on the team of teachers I have been working with this year.

I’ve worked with many teams over the years… in honesty; some good some bad.. some awesome; some full of opportunities to exercise my patience and really test my cooperation skills. Much as life, both types had their costs – their benefits.

At this stage in our partnership  our team is well seasoned to the rolls we’ll cycle through during the typical school year to a point where we sometimes take for granted the extent of the sacrifices we make to ensure we guide the young minds entrusted to us – to focus past distractions and discover the splendor in the educational milestone the are currently undertaking. This year, as a pivotal time of change seems to elevate the significance of the all the sacrifices made by my counterparts. My appreciation for the simple small details that are typically lost in the noise touch my heart and I reluctantly allow myself to feel a deep sense of pride in the legacy I have worked for, protected, and stood for throughout my career.

How poetic that now as I close this chapter I find my passion and love for educating burning with a renewed intensity… How heartwarming that it is the team I serve with now that we inspire one another – the truest form of common purpose.

Because of this *AMAZING TEAM* I have a new flame burning within myself that is fueled by an even deeper purpose to serve others by using technology and innovation to create harmony and transform raw information into understanding and ultimately superior results.

If you can’t tell… I’m sooooo pumped up!!!

Since 2013 will be a year of moving forward; let’s take these last few moments of 2012 to reflect on what we’ve done so far…

And to my team if you’re reading this – You Are the BEST!! We have had our up’s & down’s…. personally and professionally… and we’ve always managed to keep our mission of Education #1 – that takes considerable sacrifice and I want to thank all of you for all you have done for me this year and in every past year we’ve had the pleasure of working together.


Forward – A.K.A. Onward and Upward


ImageThe thing I love about people is diversity. Talking and communicating to an extremely wide range of personalities and backgrounds; it really brings be joy to be a catalyst to team realizing that the highest potential is met when an environment of inclusion is created and valued.

It’s one of my personal truths – a part of life where hope is spread; to

 me… by me… it’s a cycle… the kind give you the “warm and fuzzies”…

I’ve built an entire career around teaching the youth of this country in the  – Great State of Texas – both the foundations of educational development and, perhaps more importantly; the value and behaviors that help us understand and appreciate the natural strengths and abilities that exist inherently within us all — and how to collaborate and cooperate to build the best future they can imagine.

I have love and learned nearly every moment of it. The coaching and counselling the leading and listening – all of the experiences have been a treasure.

And yet…. now…

It is something… more… something new and reignited….

Now all of that experience is providing new inspiration. New aspirations and ambitions within me.

As I stand at the dawn of the new year of our lord 2013; it is with the convition of faith and the blessing of purpose that I look foraward to new opportunities. New lessons to give and to recieve.

2013 I welcome you!

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